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Raiders of the Lost Cat is an adventure co-op game for 2 players. 

One of you, "the Raider", will try to reach the final chamber where the Golden Idol lies, but that won't be possible without the help of the other player, who will guide the Raider making use of the Diary of the Lost Cat (don't forget to grab the PDF from the Zip file).

The player who reads the Diary of the Lost Cat should't be able to see the screen at any time!

There are 4 chambers/puzzles, with more than 6 randomly generated versions for each one, which leads to more than 100 combinations.

Updated 10 hours ago
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
TagsCo-op, Fantasy

Install instructions

Don't forget to grab the Diary of the Lost Cat from Zip file (PDF)

And remember, the player with the Diary shouldn't be able to see raider's screen.


Blindsoft_RaidersOfTheLostCat.zip 366 MB


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Hey, we had a great time playing this game! The visual effect was cool and I would love to see another game employ it sometime in the future.

The puzzles were a little tough in the beginning but they started to make more sense the further into the game we went. The only thing we can ask for is a longer game!

Good luck on any future endeavors!

Played it with a friend. He messed up a few times, but was fun to play. 

Keep up the good work!

And i love this pixel letter effect <3

Played with my gf. Great game. Love the old school vibes.